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15. April 2014

We bought a Play Station 3 yesterday, and when we got home we were all excited and anxious to play, but then… 2 hours of mandatory updates took that all away. 


pretty | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

Untitled on We Heart It
13. April 2014

I was at the party,
High in my own world,
Dancing by myself,
Flirting with the lights.
And I looked at him
He treats me like a queen
But I feel like such a slave.

I didn’t feel like doing anything today. I slept the whole day and then I cried a lot. Leaving everyone confused. It’s just something that happens sometimes.

El Tambor tiene frío y anda regalón
Batero rico ♡♥

Good Morning Darling… detail from 1955 St. Mary’s Blanket ad.  Art by John Gannam.

Moschino Fall Winter 2014